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Suspect a Leak? We'll Find It Fast!

Water literally goes down the drain when you have leaks or any kind of plumbing problem. IFINDPLUMBINGLEAKS.COM uses state-of-the-art equipment for precise leak detection and repair. Additionally, we provide customers in Desoto, Duncanville, Dallas and surrounding areas in Texas with drain cleaning that prevents backups and overflowing.

In Search of Leaks

Underground water and sewer leaks can occur in both new and old properties. Often these leaks are unseen under a concrete slab, driveway, grassed/garden area, or pavement. If left undetected, these problems can have a detrimental effect on your property and will often lead to increased repair costs.

Do you have a high water bill? That's usually the sign of a leak. Other than an unusually high water bill, common symptoms of a leak may include:

• Wet Spots in Landscaped Areas and/or Water Pooling on the Ground's Surface
• Areas That Are Noticeably Greener Than Their Surroundings
• An Irrigated Area That Is Suddenly Brown When It Used to Be Lush
• Cracks in Pavement or Slab Concrete
• Pot or Sinkholes Showing up
• Hot Spots in the Wall or Slab Flooring
• Mold Growth
• Warped or Stained Walls
• Stained or Damaged Flooring or Ceilings

Pipe Leak

Act Fast for Better Results

If you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above at your home or facility, call us to prevent further damage and extensive repair costs. Just like a needle in a haystack, we find the smallest of leaks that can create the biggest headaches. We use a variety of sophisticated technology to pinpoint leaks with accuracy, saving you time and money. Water, sewer, and gas leak detection are all part of our repertoire.

The Right Fix for Leaks

 Each leak detected is unique and we advise our clients on the best possible solution that fits their needs. Once the leak is located, we will repair it. Depending on the size of the damage, we will either fix the current pipe or run an entirely new water, sewer, or gas main.

Quality Repairs for Defective Plumbing

 Restore your faulty plumbing with repairs from our crew. We do all types of plumbing repairs and we handle water leak claims. For insurance claims, we perform leak detection to find leaks in sewer pipes and water lines. Any issue we find we will repair.

If your problem is a slow drain, we will unclog it for you. We do thorough drain cleaning that removes residue and restores the proper flow of water.

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